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Bristols longest running Krav Maga Schools teaching since  2005

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Accredited British Krav Maga training in Bristol

Welcome to Krav Maga Bristol, Bristol’s leading team of full time Krav Maga Instructors.

We are Bristol’s longest standing and best known Krav Maga schools. Our Instructors have been featured in The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Mail on Sunday. We have British Krav Maga Association accredited classes in the City centre, Clifton, Kingswood, & North Bristol.

Krav Maga Beginners Classes

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Our British Krav Maga Association accredited Instructors offer  trial classes across Bristol.

You’ll meet with an experienced professional coach who will introduce you to the techniques and tactics of Krav Maga and help get you applying realistic techniques from your very first lesson. If you’d like to find out more about booking a trial lesson click on the link below.

What is Krav Maga

‘Effective Self Defence skills should be accessible to everyone, and shouldn’t take years to learn. That is the raison d’être  for Krav Maga’

Krav Maga is a system of Self Defence and fitness training originating in the Israeli Defence Forces. What makes Krav Maga different is it’s an emphasis on practical training using simple and instinctive techniques.

The goal of Krav Maga is to learn a set of effective, practical self defence skills in the shortest possible time. This makes Krav Maga an ideal training system for those wanting realistic self defence skills but who do not want to wait years for a usable

To find out more about how Krav Maga works, click the learn more button.

British Krav Maga Instructors teaching  Krav Maga to Royal Marines Physical Training Instructors at the Commando Training Centre, Lympstone.

Who can learn Krav Maga

Accredited British Krav Maga Association training in Bristol

Part of Krav Maga’s enduring appeal is it’s accessibility to people of all fitness and experience levels. British Krav Maga has taught Krav Maga to a broad spectrum of populations. At one extreme were military groups such as the Royal Marines, the Special Forces Support Group, The Rifles & The Gurkhas, at the other were Mums groups, travelling students,  and children.

At Bristol Krav Maga our emphasis is on teaching simple, instinctive methods that work in a broad variety of situations. This means the Krav Maga should be easy to understand & fast to learn.

Try authentic Krav Maga in Bristol

Serious about training? Why not step from virtual to reality and book a Trial Class at a Krav Maga School near you.

We have a limited number of Trial Class slots available, these can be booked on a first come forst served basis.  Trial classes must be booked at least 4 hrs in advance and are available on limited days.  Trial classes cost between £8 and £10 for a 1 to to 2 hour class (depending on location)

Training Costs

Bristol Krav Maga School has a simple and transparent pricing. All Krav Maga classes are paid for via monthly Direct Debit.  We do not accept cash per lesson.

Monthly training fees range from £40 per month to £62 a month depending on number of classes attended and school location. This equates to £5 an hour or less when training more frequently. There is a joining fee which varies from school to school.

Single Membership – multiple locations

Multi class members are entitled to attend and train at other British Krav Maga School  (depending on available spaces). Locations included are Clifton, Bristol City Centre, Kingswood, and North Bristol.

Membership Cancellation

Membership can be cancelled any time after after 16 weeks. Members can cancel via their membership dashboard.

Bristol’s leading professional Instructors Bristol City Centre Clifton Kingswood Patchway/Filton

What is Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a fitness and self-defence system originating in Israel. Krav Maga became famous as the official hand to hand combat system of the Israeli military.  Krav Maga is the world’s most popular Reality Based self-defence system and has been taught to over 500 military and law enforcement units.

Krav Maga is renown for its simplicity, instinctive nature and realistic approach.

British Krav Maga Association Schools in Bristol

British Krav Maga has a team of  10 Instructors teaching at classes in Patchway, Kingswood, Redcliffe and Clifton. We have the highest-ranked professional Krav Maga Instructors in Bristol.

Our Schools have been featured in The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday and Martial Arts Illustrated. Our senior team are British Krav Maga accredited senior tutors responsible for the National Instructor Development Programme, delivering both Civil and Military Instructor certifications.

Our team have provided Military Krav Maga training to units such as the Special Forces Support Group, The Rifles, and The Gurkhas as well as specially adapted training for children, employees and careers.

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