Krav Maga Challenge Confirmed!

You’re in…


Congratulations you have a tough but rewarding 16 weeks ahead. What people achieve with us can be startling. Take a few minutes to read through this page, there are details you need to note down and equipment you need to get.


Training will be tough, we need to push you hard to make the dramatic changes you require to achieve your challenge. Sensible eating is critical to this process. Do not combine the Krav Maga Challenge with any radical change in diet, especially any dramatic cutting of calories.

Sensible eating is fine but dramatically increasing your exercise level whilst reducing calories effects your hormones and energy levels leaving you lethargic, tired and susceptible to coughs colds and flu.

Always eat before you train, a light meal 90 minutes before hand.

Getting the most out of training

Train and practice at home. 5 minutes light practice twice a day is our standard prescription for accelerated training. This helps you ‘bed in’ movements and accelerates learning dramitically – that’s right jus 2 x 5 minutes light practice each day. Dont be tempted  to do 1 x 10 minutes. 2 sessions a day are perfect.

Consider giving up alcohol for the duration of the challenge

Do look at your diet and lifestyle. More specifically processed food intake sleep. Ensure you are getting 7-8 hrs a night

Increase physical activity outside of the challenge. Walking/running/cycling or any low to moderate exercise class outside of the challenge.

DO NOT train on the day of the challenge. It’s counter productive and you will end up over trained, sore and susceptibe to injury.

Kit List


Boxing Gloves & Gum Shield

Highly Recommended

Forearm guards

Groin guards

Shin and instep guard

First Day

Arrive at 6:50 pm and allow time to find parking on Gutherie Rd. You will need to bring about 1 litre to each class. We usually reccomend1 sports drink and 1x water.

Training Wear

Gym type kit, trainers, shorts/bottoms/leggings and a t-shirt


Commences Monday 22/1//18 until Tuesday 15/4/18. Challenge Day is Sunday 20/4/18


Clifton College Sports Centre, Gutherie Rd, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 3EZ


Mondays & Wednesdays 6:50 pm to 9:00pm. Commences 22/1/18 to 16/1/18

2018 Dates

Course commences 22/1/18 and runs every Monday and Wednesday 7-9 pm until Tuesday the 15/4/18.

Challenge Day

Challenge Day takes place Sunday the 20th of May and is provisionally scheduled for 10:00 – 2:00 pm

It is here that everything comes together, you’ll experience pressure testing, realistic scenarios and experiences few others achieve. The rigorous of Challenge Day should not be underestimated and you’ll need every bit of skill, conditioning and mental endurance you’ve acquired over the past 16 weeks.

Good Luck

Coach Paul Grey

What previous students have said

Worth every penny. The instruction is top notch – Paul not only really knows his stuff, but takes your personal abilities into account, always pushing you to beat your best. If you want to do something that inspires you, pushes your limits and leaves you with newfound confidence you never thought you had, this is it.

Maria DmitrienkoMember: Krav Maga Bristol - Clifton

Brilliant class for females as well as males! Self defence is so important for females in particular and Paul will teach you all the skills you need. Brilliant fitness, awesome instructor, worthwhile class.

Holly FurlongMember: Krav Maga Bristol - Clifton

‘It’s unlike any other fitness industry course I have undertaken in the civilian world. It is far more like that experienced in the military. The physical and mental robustness was perhaps more than I expected, but made for a superb end to the course.

Sean Lerwillformer PTI Royal Marines. Author Mens Health

Krav Maga combined with condtioning is a brutally effective defence system. Paul will push you physically, mentally and technically in the art of Krav Maga and you will learn realistic and proven defensive skills. Nothing else comes close.

Martin DaviesMember: Krav Maga Bristol - Clifton

Been training with Paul now for over a year and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I did nothing befor and went the usual route and joined gyms but nothing compares to what we do in a krav lesson. Paul from the beginning has been an amazing teacher with all his years of experience and expertise in everything he’s been involved in. I would highly recommend krav maga for anyone interested in learning about self defence whilst getting fit in the process the location is amazing with parking if you’ve tried the rest I suggest you try the best and come to one of pauls krav maga classes …

Tariq AliKrav Maga Bristol - Clifton

Paul is “The Instructor” to go to, his reputation is well deserved.

Andy WrightMember: Krav Maga Bristol - Clifton

Instructors don’t come any more credible than Paul Grey.

Best instructor I have ever had. Long background in martial arts instruction, with certification and teaching experience going back longer than Paul would like anyone to know about :-) You won’t find a better Krav instructor so go for it!

Will Bayley Professional Instructor - SwindonAbout Krav Maga Bristol - Clifton

After 25+ years  martial arts training including training in Japan, I can honestly say this has been some of the best training I’ve ever had. The authority on Krav Maga training without doubt.

Dave WhitfieldMember Krav Maga Bristol - Clifton

An amazing experience, a truly worthwhile course and all supported by a great association

Tony WainwrightKrav Maga Instructor